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M&M Landscaping & Design Inc. believes that each individual landscape is a representation of our customers​personality.​​

Our goal is to provide our customers a landscape that is an extension of their home and provides them with an outdoor living space that will allow them to enjoy the beauty of Northwest Montana.​


M&M Landscaping & Design Inc. prides itself on offering the highest quality design.  Our knowledgeable and trained staff will assist our customers in producing a unique one of a kind design to fit each individual customers needs.

Paver Walkways, Patios

and Driveways

M&M Landscaping & Design Inc. provides a variety of pavers that will help bring another level to our customers landscape.  Pavers allow our customers to have a uniform design and a consistent flat surface that is not achieved with rock. Pavers can be laid in a multitude of designs that can help guide the customer throughout the whole landscape. One thing to take into account when choosing a paver is because of its uniform flat surface people will tend to move quicker through the landscape compared to when rock is used​.

Natural Stone Walkways

and Patios

M&M Landscaping & Design Inc. uses local and regional stone vendors to choose our customers stones specific to each landscaping project.  Stone walkways and patios provide our customers with a natural, native look in the landscape.  Because stone is not naturally smooth it tends to slow people down and can help to create intimate spaces throughout the landscape.  Although stone walkways and patios can be cut to produce man made lines M&M recommends using stone if the customer wants a naturalistic look.

Block Walls

M&M Landscaping & Design, INC. uses block walls in conjunction with pavers to accomplish a uniform design not achieved with stone.  Block walls can be used to retain as well as to create distinction between planter beds.  With man made curves and lines simpler to produce than rock it allows for a unique clean edged design.

Rock Walls

M&M Landscaping & Design, Inc. prides itself in building rock walls.  From seating walls to retaining walls, rock provides a unique naturalistic look that provides a distinction from a man made look.  M&M recommends using natural stone walls in conjunction with natural stone walkways and patios rather than incorporating Pavers. This is because it can be difficult to incorporate a naturalistic and man made design.​

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