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Designing Real Spaces

for Real Living.

M&M Landscaping and Design Inc. is focused on turning the outdoor area of your home into truly livable space. Our motivation stems from the desire to hear your vision for your property and pair that up with our forward thinking design process. We design with a conscious regard for natural beauty, our clients and our community.

to About

We are proud to serve Montana's greater Flathead Valley. 

Landscape Design

The M&M Landscaping & Design team strives to create unique, one of a kind, sustainable, and low maintenance landscapes that will appeal to all of our customer's senses and will turn their dreams into a reality.

Services & Products

M&M Landscaping and Design Inc. has a wide variety of services and products that we offer to our clients. 

Each service and product that we offer is backed by our knowledgeable, well trained staff​ that is dedicated to providing our customers with the satisfaction and peace of mind that they have made the correct choice for all their landscaping needs.

Parade of Homes

M&M features its talents during the Parade of Homes usually held during September of each year.  This allows potential clients to see up close and personal what M&M can do in a real world application.  We also encourage future clients to gather ideas from these beautiful homes for their future landscaping needs. 


Let's build something beautiful together.

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